The Mother of Invention

Evan Riddell

These last few weeks have been a bit wild, haven't they? Obviously, every sector of society and the economy has taken a blow, and on Biddle Ave, the darkened storefronts and restaurants are downright eerie. Wyandotte's blessing as a hub for small, independent businesses is particularly worrisome; bars and breweries, restaurants and retail all run on tight margins at the best of times, and every day without income makes reopening less likely once this trying time is behind us. For Chelsea Menswear, the spring season had just begun, meaning our shelves and racks are packed to burst right when the stay-at-home orders came down the pipeline.

We've been supporting companies when we can, ordering take-out and tipping generously, buying gift cards, and talking up other small businesses online. Thankfully, our excellent clientele rallied for us too: purchasing gift cards and ordering custom clothing, stocking up on work-from-home wear. Behind the scenes, we've been working hard to prepare for fettering the doors for an unknown length of time, and we've decided to take a drastic measure to survive the times while still serving our customers the very best we can.

In the last two weeks, we've refurbished our long-dormant online store. Rather than just a new coat of paint and a spit shine, we've rebuilt our website from the ground up to showcase the classics, the newest, and the coolest in men's clothing happening at Chelsea Menswear.

This is a change of tack for the store, to be sure. We've zealously championed the long-lost idea of an actual retail store on main street, staffed with friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful salespeople, and stocked with honest-to-goodness clothing that you can feel, from prickly tweeds and lofty flannels to crinkly linens and slick silks. We've sold in-store, at trade shows and trunk shows, and out of the backs of cars. Necessity dictates that if we want Chelsea Menswear to continue its 77-year history, we'd have to get our clothes where people can do business, and right now that's through a screen in the comfort and safety of your home.

We hope it's easy enough to find some beautiful clothes on our site to keep you motivated while you're working from home. As a Chelsea client, you know better than most the transformative effect clothing has on your mindset, and how sweatpants may not inspire the usual zeal for performance that perfectly tailored trousers do.

So, take a stroll and a scroll through our web store. More clothing, accessories, and furnishings are added daily, so if you don't see your favorites, keep checking back or drop us a line to ask how we can get them to you. At the very least, you can purchase a gift card online to know you're supporting local, independent retail in a difficult time, keeping your hard-earned money circulating Downriver when it needs it more than ever.



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