We're Open To Serve

Evan Riddell

As we’ve grown shaggy and made valiant attempts at lock-down facial hair, we’ve spent the seemingly unending weeks of quarantine doing everything we can to reopen our store once we’re given the all-clear. Throughout these edgy, uncertain days, we’ve been lucky enough to receive an outpouring of support from our friends, clients, and customers. I redesigned our website and reopened our online store, and we’ve conducted private, online shopping appointments through social media. We’ve sold hundreds of masks in a few short minutes after they’re delivered. I’ve connected with couples slated to be wed this spring, whether to plan a much more understated affair or to reschedule the big day for a safer date.

Now, there’s change in the air. Perhaps the worst is behind us, or our systems have been strengthened enough to bear the brunt of more disease.

We’re cautiously optimistic; factories have resumed production on custom garments, vendors are back to their offices fulfilling orders, and we just received word that we can unlock our doors to return to serving clients in-person after the holiday weekend. Obviously, we’re elated—we’ve been working these last long weeks to retune Chelsea Menswear to operate even better than before we had to close the storefront to the public—but reopening won’t be as easy as propping the door open and lighting the neon “Open” light.

Between our scramble to keep the ship upright and sailing, Gib, Peter, and I have discussed at length how the store will return to “business as usual,” comparing how other similar retail stores like us have adapted to having in-person customers. With the stipulations specified by the state, we’re confident to provide the same level of service while keeping our clientele and sales team healthy.

  • Clients must have scheduled appointments to enter.
  • We’re allowed ten people shopping at the maximum.
  • Masks are required upon entry and will be worn by everyone on the sales floor.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at either door and required before entering the store.
  • High-touch surfaces like PIN machines and countertops will be sanitized after each use.
  • All countertops will be sanitized every hour.

Of course, many may hesitate to return to regular, in-person shopping, so we’re happy to continue over-the-phone or email personal shopping, and our website is updated daily with more excellent merchandise. If you’d like to arrange a doorstep drop-off, we’ll deliver after work to your home. Curbside pick-up will be available all day—just call when you’ve parked and we’ll meet you outside. Until we have a handle on how “business as usual” usually goes, we’ll be open Monday through Saturday from noon until 6 pm.

We can’t wait to see you, even if we don’t get to see your face just yet.

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